Creating Value through Partnership!

VooCap, LLC is a unique integrated Venture Capital and Private Equity firm investing in emerging growth companies with a secured investment program to deliver superior returns to our investors. We focus on early and expansion-stage companies developing highly differentiated enterprise and infrastructure technologies that offer a compelling value and have the prospect of achieving market leadership. We set out to bring a renewed responsiveness and valuable element to the infrastructure of Information Technology, Robotic and Artificial Intelligence, Telecommunications, VoIP, Wireless Solutions, Applications Software, innovative technology, Alternative Energy, Solar Power Energy, Transportation Systems, Real Estate Residential and Commercial Property Developments & Acquisitions, Gas Stations, Convenience Stores, etc. We meet the demand of an underserved market—a market that comprises some of the fastest-growing businesses and brightest entrepreneurial talent.

Funding is a critical success factor for start-up and early-stage growth companies. VooCap brings to each transaction a wealth of experience in capital markets and a highly entrepreneurial hands-on approach to creating optimum financing and investment solutions. Unlike traditional financing companies or commercial banks, VooCap, LLC is eager to work with young companies. Our asset financing advantages, equity-based investments, and existing or incoming equity allow working capital to be directed toward people, innovations, marketing, and products instead of non-revenue-generating fixed assets.

We focus on companies in Information Technology, Voice Over IP, Broadband Over Powerline, MagLev Transit Systems, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Technology, Solar Power and Renewable Energy. We seek to build and grow successful companies in partnership with strong management teams. If you are one of them, please submit your proposal, get funded, and let’s begin the journey together in the generation yet to come!

VooCap strongly believes in backing a proven management team with substantial equity ownership in their businesses. While we prefer to lead investments as a majority preferred shareholder, we will consider a variety of investment structures, including growth capital, recapitalization, secondary purchases, and buyouts. Typically, we do not participate in common share. We would like to liquidate our investment between a 7 to 10 years period. However, this does not apply to the MagLev and Future Transportation systems; in this case, we invest in 25 to 40 years term. We believe in prudently capitalizing our investments and are flexible in structuring them to meet the specific needs of our Investors and shareholders of the Venture capital and Private Equity Partners.

Our guiding investment philosophy is to provide exceptional returns for our investors while carefully managing risk and building significant value in our portfolio companies.

VooCap management team is comprised of 16 Management Professionals, 25 Business Consultants, 48 Business Analysts, 5 Accountants, 8 Auditors, 5 Legal Counsel, and 12 Financial Advisors who all bring distinct and complementary backgrounds to the team. They are seasoned management and investment professionals with significant operational, entrepreneurial, financial, private equity, Merger & Acquisition (M&A), Investments, and strategic consulting experience.

Our goal is to build successful companies that will provide superior personal and financial returns to investors, entrepreneurs, and employees. We invest in Vision! We invest in the future! We not only invest in the early-stage companies – we invest in the people!

We invite you to learn more about our investment philosophy, our investments, and our management team. Please visit our site. If you are an entrepreneur and seeking funds, then please visit our site and understand the nature of our business before you submit your business plan. This will help you and us as well! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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