How we work with our portfolio companies

VooCap believes the real value-added work begins after an investment is made to the Company. Each member of the VooCap team brings extensive industry experience along with management, operating, financing and investment experience to the firms. VooCap works closely with the entrepreneurs to develop a sound business strategy, build an effective organization, build a new marketing and sales strategy, and implement a scalable operating infrastructure to achieve business success.

When we think about our portfolio companies, we just do not think as our client, we think as our partner – our true partner. It is just no our Investment Capital – It is much more than that! We build this relationship with our friendship, expertise, industry experience, and with our helping hand.

We work for you! Our Managers work with your project as need basis and assist you with your operation and they will make sure that your operation goes smoothly.


The typical VooCap role includes:

  • Assisting in the product, marketing, and sales strategy development.
  • Assisting in executive recruitment and organization development.
  • Assisting in competitive assessment and strategy development.
  • Introduction of key distribution and technology partners.
  • Introduction of potential customers.
  • Planning, coordination, and origination of subsequent financings such as bridge financing, mezzanine financing, long-term loans, and notes.
  • Take your business to the next level of funding stages such as Re-Investment, Acquisition, merger, or going public.