Creating Value through Partnership!

Creating Value through Partnership!

How we evaluate investments

We at VooCap evaluate our investment by taking a wide range of prediction and speculation factors. It is the most complex factor in the investment world. It is even the most difficult task for the Venture Capital Funds. We look at a wide spectrum of factors to evaluate our investment criteria by keeping our focus on the specific industries. We are also comfortable to take certain types of risks. Our predictions and speculations may differ widely. Our forecast can be wildly divergent. We may look for an idea or a technology that may disrupt the traditional beliefs, markets, or an industry. We look for something that has not been invented yet, at the same time we just cater to a small entrepreneur who just starting out his or her vision, barely trying to materialize the dream. We look for that specific niche to move to the next level of an invention by providing seed capital, startup capital, or an emerging successful enterprise.

VooCap investment approach emphasizes a disciplined and careful evaluation of each investment opportunity, taking into account the following criteria:

Visionary Leadership

VooCap considers talented entrepreneurs surrounded by exceptional management teams a cornerstone for success. Most successful enterprises begin with an inspirational entrepreneur who exhibits moral value, takes responsibility seriously, technological vision, eager to learn, and steer the vision with the excellent leadership performance.
We work with entrepreneurs who are fully committed to the success of their venture. This means we evaluate the experience, unique talent and determination of the individuals in whom we invest. We spend full time on our investments and expect the people we invest in will do the same.


We believe that the single most important factor in the success of a company is the quality of its management team, disciplines, respect, and honesty. Entrepreneurs, who value their employees and their talent. VooCap will not make an investment unless it is satisfied that an appropriate management team is in place or can be recruited with the assistance and input from our VooCap team. We want to make sure that in a rainy day our entrepreneurs are staying with us with a strong hand together and hold the umbrella tight until we see a shiny day. We want you to remember that to start a business is a very tough thing to do until you reach the final destination. We support our entrepreneurs in this area heavily, and we like to hold hand together strongly. At the same token, we do not like to get involved in the entrepreneur day to day business operations and doing micromanagement. We prefer just to be in the macro management only. To provide support in this area, we look for the well-qualified Directors and Managers who can help the entrepreneurs when such a need arises. We want to support to grow your business! Therefore together we can be successful.


We will evaluate your business based on your operation style and strategy. The operation is defined as the processes used to deliver your products and services to the market and can include manufacturing, transportation, logistics, travel, printing, consulting, the methodology of sales, after-sales service, and so on. In your business plan, this section should clearly be outlined how you will implement all of the above and include a brief description of the organizational structure and the expense and capital requirements for operation.

Early-Stage Focus

Our management team has significant experience investing in and operating high growth technology companies in rapidly emerging markets. Prospective companies will capitalize on this experience in early-stage development, which typically represents the greatest period of value creation over the life cycle of a company. Therefore it is important to describe in details your early-stage focus and strategy. We look into this are in depth.


VooCap seeks opportunities that address large and/or rapidly growing markets with real, unmet or under-served customer needs. We invest in companies that are creating new markets, developing new technologies, and addressing emerging business needs. We look for something that is out of the box traditional scope of marketing strategies or an idea that may disrupt the current traditional way of doing business..

Products and Services

Critical importance to early-stage companies is the successful and timely development and delivery of proprietary and/or differentiated products or services that are capable of effecting innovations or business transformations that create significant value for the customers. The idea of products and services may require branding the trademark, register the patent, or new research and development, and continue to improve the products and services offered to stay ahead in the market. We are there for the entrepreneurs to get such requirement to be done at the very beginning of our investments to protect their dream. We want to market the Product and services as soon as possible and generate the revenue. Eventually, it becomes a profitable venture. We support in that area with our connections, contacts, our experience, expert opinions to materialize the entrepreneurs' dream and vision in the reality. In the end, together we all want to be successful.


It is important to demonstrate the competition and fully aware of the competition. Who are the direct and indirect competitors, with analysis of their pricing and promotional strategies, as well as an assessment of their competitive advantage? Based on this analysis, you can identify key obstacles for your business, the additional services you might offer to win the competitive challenges, as well as opportunities ahead. Briefly describe in your Executive Summary or business plan the competitive outlook and dynamics of the relevant market in which you will operate.

Business Model

At VooCap, we look for a strong business model that always sustain in the continuous change environment and capable to adopt new challenges as arise. We want to work together in this area with you. A successful company will not only create customer value but will also have a well-thought-out business design that allows the company to capture and protect a significant portion of the value created. We meet our goals through an investment approach that begins with extensive research. Drawing on the resources of our Board of Advisors and our own substantial experience in a wide range of industries, we analyze the technical aspects of a business, and conduct accounting and legal analysis to help evaluate the risk.

Knowledge of a company's business

We want our entrepreneurs to know about their own business from top to bottom. It is the most critical factor in our investment process. We want entrepreneurs who just do not rely on their employees to do the job, we want the entrepreneurs to know and capable to perform the task.

Industry Knowledge

The hardworking entrepreneurs often neglect in their industry knowledge, it is important to demonstrate a great deal of industry knowledge, an industry overview will provide potential investors or loan officers information on the industry that you are entering or already have a stake in. The industry overview should begin with the current situation of the industry and the future of the industry. Where possible, provide information on all the markets in the industry, including the positive or negative affect new products and developments will have on your particular business.

Revenue Model

We believe that every business must have a clear revenue model set up and determine how to gain the return on investments. We like to know in details about your revenue structure and strategy. How can we recoup our investment? What is the consistency of your income in your current business? What and where do you foresee your revenue? How do you want to accomplish such a goal? You must have a clear picture in this field. Of course, we like to help you and work with you in this area to correct and rectify any the revenue model as we go along. At least we want you to demonstrate that objective and goals to generate the revenue.

Our Investments

Our revenue comes from the investments that we make to you and in the investments returned over a period. In order to become successful, we always need more projects and more capital. We aggregate many small to large investors to our funds then we become the front face of your investment. Therefore, you never meet the actual investors. You meet only us as a venture capital investor. We are not a crowdfunding investor or a donner. We work hard for our money as you do. Therefore, we become a partner with you and work together to reach our destiny. In the end, we have to return our investors’ money in many folds what we have acquired initially. Typically, we seek investment opportunities in a wide range somewhere from $5 - $250 million dollars. Each investment is unique and must be tailored to meet the objectives of both of the portfolio company and VooCap's best interests. We may not invest the entire fund at a time. We may invest in the various stages of your business operations. We will lay out such a funding schedule to you and we may modify such a schedule as need basis. Our investments are completely different from just borrowing money from the Bank or a lender. We hand hold and work together with you to make this a successful venture for both of us. Therefore, we want you to be successful first in order for us to be a successful investor.

Exit Strategy

In the end, we look for an exit strategy. This is where you explain to investors how they will get their money back, what you are anticipating they will recover in excess of their investment and in what time- frame? Possible exit strategies can include:
 The sale or merger of your company
 A management buyout
 An IPO or a private placement

We are here to work with you always!