Seed Capital Funding

This funding stage already passed, raising capital from Friends and Family, Angel Investors, and crowdfunding sources. We select many seed capital funds every year without any fundraising history or record of accomplishment. We participate with the existing owners and/or founders and take a percentage of the company or project’s equity as a common shareholder. This is a very easy funding process. It does not require much document preparation. We welcome submitting your project in the form of a brief Business Plan or Executive Summary in order for us to review and understand your business and your funding needs. We will even look into a project that has not been started yet and only has an idea to explore.

Funding Volume:
Minimum $50,000.00 to $4,500,000.00 range.

Security Deposit:
No Security Deposit Required

Equity types:
Participate with the owner and/or founder as a Common Shareholder Equity.

Offering Memorandum:
Offering a memorandum is required if the Funding is $1,000,000.00 or higher.

Term Sheet:
We will describe our investment in a simple Term Sheet.

Closing Cost:
No Closing Cost or a very small Closing Cost is required, which is not more than $75,000.00

Performance Compensation:
There is no Performance Compensation available

No Brokers, Broker-Dealers, and/or intermediaries in this category of funding. The entrepreneur must submit the business proposal directly to us. We do not pay any broker's compensation in this category of funding.

Administrative Fees:
There are no Administration and Management Fees required.

Equity types:
We participate in the Common Share with owners and founders of the Company.

We prepare all necessary agreements.