Investment Criteria

We are a worldwide Venture Capital and Private Equity Firm located in the US with offices in New York and Los Angeles. Our investment style is unique and completely different from all other Venture Capital and Private Equity firms. We just do not look for a return on our investment. We are changing the world! We make our funds available to all walks of people. We look for talent that is still in the incubation stage. You can trust us as your partner with confidence!

Most of our funding is Ownership Investment. Referring largely to invest in the Privately held companies in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, China, and India. On our small volume investments, we take a Common Share position and percentage of that ownership. However, it depends on the nature of the business, the outcome of the negotiation with the current owners, and based on the project that we fund.

We participate in the company's preferred share ownership state on all our large investments. Therefore, the Founders and all other founding shareholders in the company can keep their ownership along with their day-to-day operations. We do not interfere with any business that we invest in. In fact, most of the employees in the company probably may not even notice it.

We are not a typical Venture Capital Company. Our investment criteria are unique. We select our projects very carefully, and we stay with our projects until they reaches their success. We will never leave you high and dry. We are your partner and stay as a partner as long as need be.

Please read carefully below and see what criteria of investment fit your needs. We would like to hear about your project soon.

Our main criteria for investments are as follows: