Our Philosophies


We seek to develop long-lasting, trusting, principal-to-principal partnerships with each management team. Within these partnerships, we strive to understand and share the objectives of all stakeholders and structure deals that afford an equitable balance of risks and rewards for each party.


We welcome and believe in people of integrity. We applaud the individual who practices honesty and fairness. Ultimately, each individual’s strength of character will ensure that we maintain a business with integrity.


VooCap is an owner-managed firm with a small core investment team. We aim to make the process from deal identification to acceptance or decline as rapid as possible.

Our Team

Our VooCap team is a nationwide network comprised of some of the brightest management and investment personnel in the business. We have a diverse consulting background with emphasis in Marketing, Investment Banking, Brokering, Legal Matters, Information Technology, Media, and Public Relations. Our team effort is leading us to a new standard of excellence in client service relationships.