Our Leadership

VooCap is a privately held Private Equity and Venture Capital firm, with under its management about $45 billion. Under the direction of President and Managing Director Mark Shah and Eight Managing Directors, its investment clients have selected VooCap based on consistent sound returns and the privacy offered through the fund. VooCap actively engages in both short and long-term investments, with long-term investments primarily focused on leading-edge companies in the communications and technology sectors, MagLev Transit Systems, Fossil Fuel (Gas & Oil) industry, Renewable Energy and Solar Power Technology, large commercial real estate projects, manufacturing, media, and entertainment businesses.

VooCap seeks to develop a long-lasting, trusting Private Equity Partnership with each owner and management team. Within these partnerships, we strive to understand and share the objectives of all shareholders and structure deals that afford an equitable balance of risks and rewards for each party.

Protecting and securing our syndicated investors’ Principal Capital is VooCap’s core responsibility. We know that the investment lead time is a vital consideration for companies raising Capital.

The team at VooCap believes that open and active communication is a key factor in successful deal negotiations. Therefore, we are forthright in our views on potential investments and progress within our process.