Cyberbully against VooCap

VooCap Corporation has been under attack from two extortionist websites by creating false, malicious, and slanderous information on the internet websites. These sites posted matters against VooCap Corporation and mentioned that the company is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and most of the author claims that they are VooCap Employees. VooCap never had any employees in Atlanta, GA. None of these stories has any truth or relevant reality in this.

VooCap Executives against Cyber Bully and Fraudulent Websites

We have begun a stand against the malicious and false statements that have been posted against us, our clients personally and businesses, its executives, clients, and staff.

“The foundation of the United States is being tested every day that these false statements are permitted to remain on such internet sites,” states VooCap Executive Vice President Mr. Jon Lord. "We are expressing our disappointment with the failure to take any action by the local and federal government from the site owners. Words are weapons of mass destruction against us due to the refusal to remove the defamatory information posted on these sites. There is no defense when cyber-bullying is permitted like this by our own laws, by our government, to whom we pay our taxes. Businesses should not have to undertake such damages due to illegal, false, malicious statements. Our Congress must do something against these kinds of slanders and defamatory statements by these kinds of websites, as permitting these statements infringes on our Constitutional rights. This is not America, yet an unjust attack on our organizations and private individuals.”

The attack of slander against VooCap, their partners, and employees on some phony, bogus websites is the malicious distortion of facts. Fair and unbiased journalism, in most media outlets, practices an examination of facts before printing or broadcasting information about individuals or businesses. No media, including the internet, should allow slanderous and malicious posts in any publication, media, blogs, forums, or discussion groups under freedom of speech protection unless it is supported by evidence and the accused should be allowed a rebuttal.” states Walter Hochsteiner, Executive Vice President of VooCap.

These sites always disregard fair and unbiased reporting and justify their actions under the protection of the Constitutional rights of freedom of speech by individuals in permitting illegal acts of libel to take place. The site owners refuse to remove such statements or post them to the website. Regardless of the threatening or harassing nature of the reports filed, statements, or rebuttals, these websites directly refuse citizens their Constitutional right to permit cyber-bullying and hateful false publications.

VooCap has been targeted for RANSOM by these kind of websites

VooCap has been targeted through these attacks of cyber-bullying and libel. VooCap executives are being forced to endure the damages from these acts and its harm against the well-being of their employees, with no resolution or relief of such damages. VooCap and business executives have concluded that it is time to fight back and take action to stop this kind of malicious attack on Business owners, businesses, and their employees.

In the meantime, we ask the people, anyone who is reading the slanderous comments to disregard and ignore those writings even they show up at the top of search engine lists. Avoid reading or believing those fraudulent posting sites, which has no merit or validity. You must realize that you just cannot believe everything you read on the Internet. The Internet is a worldwide crowd of people where you have everything.

There are few of them are bad and wants to take advantage of our corrupted and faulty laws, the technology, people trusts, and others are just simple innocent using the internet believing everything is true. So be selective and try to understand the internet before believing anything. Today’s those major Mega search engines are also made it very difficult for people to understand the mystery of the internet. Especially Google does it to make money from that slanderous websites. Example Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media sites facilitate the Russian fake accounts, and they all make money from those fake advertisements by attacking our Democracy and Freedom of speech. All these fraudulent scam websites like,, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are on a mission to destroy our democracy and freedom. We must STOP them now before it is too late. However, it is already too late and we have ignored too long.

On the hand, we must put pressure on The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to block those sites to do business to the open public. Internet must be the safe and secure place for people to browse. We also believe the major search engine must ban those sites to be listed on those search engines. It is harmful and damaging to all, it is damaging to our Free Enterprise and Our Freedom of Speech.


Ask your congressman

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 (a common name for Title V of the Telecommunications Act of 1996) is a piece of Internet legislation. It provides immunity from liability for providers and users of an interactive computer service who publish information provided by others. Whereas it states, "No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider."

This section of the law gives all those sites a free pass to do anything against innocent people, institutes, and small and large businesses. This law is acting against the people. We elect our congressmen to work for us, yet this is another example of how Congress is working against us. This law completely paralyzes people, completely paralyzes any protection of our own privacy, and it is doing more harm than good to our nation. Most civilized countries that adopted laws to protect people’s privacy, including the European Union, do have a law like the “Right to be Forgotten” Law. We must ask our congress to pass a similar law and modify Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 to protect our Privacy, Free Speech, and democracy for all. It is time to wake up. It is time to STOP this corrupt law. It is the time to Ask your congressman to protect you!


Ed Magendson and his website is
the number one ransom website

These Fraudulent Websites run by a fraudster Ed Magendson’s website and some Russian election fraudster’s website They run propaganda under the disguise of VooCap’s former employee to post statements and opinions regardless of any fact to create hatred, destroy our businesses and American democracy and capitalism. These websites do not investigate or substantiate the claims, which allow publication of statements that may be defamatory in nature and cause harm to the US free enterprises. Actually, Those website owners or their paid staff post false and misleading information by using fictitious names and email addresses. Perform no validations or verifications of the facts. Most of the time, when they know about a company or a person then they create those fabricated misleading information for their site to bring more traffics to sell more adds by the search engine services. Anyone can easily browse their site and see that they have created similar hateful fictitious content for many other companies. Of course, there are sometimes from the member of public post something as well. Then they come to the company and demand a huge amount of ransom money to remove those reports or write a positive report or they claim that they are going to remove from the search engines. When one pays them, then they create another one and ask for more money. This cycle keeps going on and on. That is what happened to VooCap as well. We have refused to pay them any money or cater them by any means. Then they went ahead to add more negative comments, which has no truth to this.

We live in a system that is innocent until proven guilty! Unfortunately, in this case, that is completely ignored and those websites are only created based on completely false and bogus statement under anonymous names. On the other hand, Google, Yahoo, and Bing let these results to show up on their search pages on very first of their search list. It is because they make more money by selling advertisings and those sites do have many ads appears automatically. People click on those posts then Google gets their share. They also have an underground deal they cut with Google for their share and small and medium-sized companies to hit by their malicious cyber-attack and try to collect money from innocent and independent small business owners.

On the other hand, there are many innocent people take and as their bible and believe everything they see there. They never want to see about those sites or their background. The owner of the website is always in hiding. He does not have any property, no utility bill or any public information available under his name. Owner of this site name is Mr. Ed Magedson.

Therefore, before you make any judgment call, we would recommend typing on the Google, Bing, or Yahoo search field this name Ed Magedson. You will find the truth about this evil monster. You will see there are several mugshots, and you will learn about these fraudsters more. All they want to hurt people and make money for themselves. Owner of these sites are the real fraudsters and scammers!

We just want everyone to look at the owner's name Ed Magedson of the site on any search engines including Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Then you will see the true color of this man. He is a criminal and a fugitive. His mug shots are all over the internet. If you read his website, you will feel like he is helping the humanity. What a nice guy, huh? In reality, you will find, is a known to publish fake complaints about legitimate companies over the internet to damage their good reputation and/or to collect money for taking the fake reports off. That equals extortion! Do not be fooled or believe anything that appears on this website – these reports are 100% fake. Ed Magedson is a wanted fugitive, fleeing from the justice; many people are looking for him to bring him to the justice. is a total scam! He is making money by taking advantage of our faulty laws. Law that was written by Congress back in 1996, its call Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 or commonly known as a "Title V of the Telecommunications Act of 1996".



Learn more about this fraudster Ed Magedson


his website

The following is a list of criminal charges that Ed Magedson


his fraudulent website, has been charged and found guilty of:


Check Fraud;
Assault & Battery;
Marijuana & Paraphernalia Possession;
Default Judgment ($30,041.21);
There are many other charges pending against him in many states as well there are many judgments, pending law suits waiting for him.



Stand against these corrupted websites

Here’s what Mr. Ed Magedson looks like: