About Us

Creating Value through Partnership!

We are a Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Hedge Fund Company. We manage many funds in the US, UK, Switzerland, British Virgin Islands, and Cayman Island. We started our business in 1998 out of a very small office in New York. We have expanded our business over the years in many folds. We were part of the dot-com boom and dot-com burst too. We have changed our company investment strategy and structure many times over the years as the country's rules and regulations often change.

Our primary investors are high net-worth individuals and institutes, Endowment Funds, Pension funds, Educational Endowments, Non-Profit Foundations, Government and Corporate Investment Funds, and Government and Corporate Retirement Funds, Fund of Funds, and so on. All our funds accept funding from the Accredited Individual and Institutional Investors only. Our Fund managers offer various customizable investment opportunities for our Individual and Institutional investors.

Our investment managers also offer separate account management for high net-worth Individual and Institutional investors. These methods are often used when a high net-worth individual or institutional client seeks to manage assets outside of an established investment fund offering already provided by the firm. In some cases, our managers may be responsible for managing all the assets for an institutional client in a broadly diversified separate account. Separate accounts will have their own fee structures determined by the investment manager. Separate account fees may be higher than other funds fees because of the greater customization involved with managing the fund. All these funds also vary based on what country and where those are established. Our Investors can make huge diversification in their capital. Please visit the Funds section to Learn more about our Funds.

Since our journey in 1998 to this day, we have invested our capital in many countries around the world including USA, UK, China, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and India. We primarily invest in the companies that are privately held by using our Private Equity and Hedge Funds. Our Seed Capital Funds and Growth Capital Funds are specialized to invest in the Start-up and Growing stage companies. High volume investments are invested under the Preferred Stock Funding plan. We also invest in the Merger, Acquisition, Managed Buyout (MBO) and Leverage Buyout (LBO).

Please visit our website, learn about our Worldwide Venture Capital and Private Equity Investment philosophy, and please feel free to contact us via email or give us a call.